Modern Cavegirl's
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why arent your desserts on the menu?
A: The available kitchen rental time and number of employees make it difficult to immediately offer desserts but getting them on the menu asap is high on our priorities

Q: I'm not seeing ingredients on your menu, how do i know i can eat it?
A: 100% of menu items are made from scratch using only clean ingredients, everything is free of major allergens and other allergens will be listed in the item descriptions. There is also an option to not additional allergies when submitting orders. Ingredients can be made available per request if you have any concerns. All meals will be delivered with labels that list every ingredient.

Q: Are you a food truck or a restaurant?
A: We've worn many hats over the years, we've typically sold our own recipes through other meal services, priate cheffing and farmers markets. We would love a food truck some day but for now we're strictly a meal service and catering

Q: Why are the Plantain tortillas more money than the spinach tortillas
A: All menu items are prices based on the costs of ingredients and the ammount of labor needed to make the item

Q: I dont see one my favorite things you make on your menu, can I order it?
A: We sure love cooking/baking and a lot of favorites, we will steadily expand out menu as we grow. You may always inquire about ordering and we will accomodate if we can


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