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How It All Began

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

My name is Brittany, I was born and raised in South Florida and moved to Portland, Or in 3012. My paleo food journey began in fall of 2015. I woke one morning after consuming home made jambalaya, mac and cheese, and cornbread the night before, I was tired of feeling awful, I was bloated, depleted of energy, and void of any motivation when it came to my health. I knew at that moment I needed to make a change, shortly after I discovered paleo, I had no idea at the time that my eating habits would forever be changed. Like most people, the idea of giving up dairy was more than a little intimidating, I was queen of made from scratch raviolis, fancy grilled cheeses, and taking full bites out of blocks of Tillamook Pepper Jack. I owe a lot to

in the beginning, I started with some free recipes and once I had the ingredients down I was able to create my own recipes . I learned very quickly that giving up additives would be a lot harder than giving up cheese, with basically all bottled sauces and such being off limits, I began making everything from scratch. My creative drive and interest in flavor combinations and textures sparked a passion for concocting new dishes, every night I was eager to make something new for dinner and my partner certainly no complaints.

Within two months I had lost 30 lbs and and I was feeling more confident in my own skin. I started posting my dinners on my own private Facebook and I was surprised at how many messages I received from people who were curious about paleo, who wanted me to share my recipes and encouraged me to make an Instagram of all my food on one page, thus Modern Cavegirl was born. I realized that I loved talking about food, I loved feeding other people, sharing recipes, and I loved helping people make positive changes. I'm beyond excited to be taking this big leap of faith and pursuing my dream of making hear & bones kitchen into a reality.

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