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All of our meat, poultry, and fish is pasture raised and wild caught, and we source from local farms and fisheries

Our produce is mostly organic (over 90%) and we source from local farms as much as possible. We also grow a lot of our own produce with all organic practices.



We use a 100% desiginated gluten free shared kitchen. We use Great American Spice Company gluten free seasonings, and all other ingredients used are also certified gluten free.


Other businesses that share our kitchen process dairy, beans, however all of our ingredients are dairy free and stored in a separate area.  We share a dish washer and oven but all of our kitchen equipment also completely separate. Some of our menu items include nuts but are clerarly labeled as such and equipment is washed thoroghly after. Our fryer is also designated nut free.


Everything we make is also free of soy, grains, legumes, refined sugars, stablizers, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives. 

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